Galion High School Tours
Wednesday, 01 August 2007

School Tour Photos

Just a few pictures taken during the tours of the old and new high schools.

Photos courtesy of Dick Cope (galionguy)

Old High School Pictures

The 1917  Galion High School Building


The lowering of the flag for the last time at the old high school.

Tour Group filing into the auditorium

Less than a full house.

Do you remember the old organ?

Brian Treisch recounts a little school history.

The old Gymnasium

The Lobby area of the newest additiont to the old high school.

After a little repair, this tiger mosiac is destined for a place in the new high school.

The young girl at the bottom of the photo saya it all.  "School's out!!"

New High School Pictures


The cafetorium - beauty and space combined

Welcome to our house

Looking back from a hall

The Kitchen

The Gymnasium

The work shop area

A large open lab.

Library Panorama

Looks like a good place to study.

A historical mural partially obscured by unpacked materials.

Students attending this school will be in for the looooong hall.

Part of the groups touring the new high school building.

More Galion City School history included through out the new building.

Pictures of the new building exterior will be presented in the near future.  Construction and landscaping had not been totally completed at the time of this tour.