2018 Hall of Fame Inductees Photo
Written by Stephen Melchior   
Wednesday, 17 October 2018
 Hall of Fame Inductee Photo
(Photo by Miranda Jones)  
connections weekend 2018 inductees.jpg Left to right: Dr Van Lewis Wagner (Class of 1979), Dr. Paul Kim (Class of 1979), Mr. George Guins (Outstanding Educator), Mr. John L. Swain (Class of 1955, Posthumously, represented by his wife, Jo Swain), Mr. Horace Freese (Class of 1906, Posthumously, represented by Mrs. Deb Jeffers for he Galion Historical Society), Mr. Michael J. Jokerst (Class of 1975, Posthumously, represented by his daughter Christina, wife Celia and son Andy), Mr. Mark Stepro (Class of 2000, represented by his mother, Mrs. Marilyn Stepro)